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Springer pup - 2011

Due to changes the airlines have made recently regarding the shipping of live animals, we have been forced to change our policy for shipping puppies. We can no longer ship pups with Delta Airlines out of Great Falls as they are not accepting puppies on their early morning flights, which in effect, makes it impossible for us to get a pup to it’s destination. I haven’t checked with Alaskan/Horizon Airlines, but will be contacting them in the near future. However, they only provide services to cities west of Montana (Seattle, Portland, etc. ) and to Alaska.

Effective with our planned litters for 2019, we will no longer ship pups via Delta Airlines. Depending on whether Alaskan/Horizon has changed their policy as well, we may be forced to discontinue shipping puppies completely.

People might want to consider flying here to pick up their pup if driving here isn’t possible. A puppy can be brought into the cabin of the plane as long as it will fit under the seat in front of you (in a soft sided carrier). We’ve had people do this in the past. The cost is comparable to having a puppy shipped. It is currently approximately $675 to ship a puppy. Current air freight charges are $386, A shipping crate is $60, the Health Certificate is $30, and we would be forced to charge $200 to deliver a puppy to the airport as it would require an overnight stay in a motel (in Billings) plus our travel expenses. If anyone chooses to fly here to pick up their pup we would be more than happy to meet them in Great Falls with their puppy. Flying here also would provide a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days vacationing in Montana and then the puppy could be picked up when people are ready to fly home.

We have written Delta Airlines voicing our opposition to their change in policies regarding shipping puppies, but so far we’ve not received a reply.


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