Stonebroke Kennels
100% Field Bred English Springer Spaniels

Purchase Agreement/Guarantee

Stonebroke Kennels
Purchase Agreement/Guarantee

We, Stonebroke Kennels, agree to sell ________________________________ an English Springer Spaniel Puppy for the sum of$950.00. A $200 deposit is required to reserve a pup with the balance due prior to taking ownership. In the case of a puppy that will be shipped, the balance is due prior to shipping. If shipping via air freight is requested by the buyer, The cost will be the actual cost of the air freight that the airline quotes us at the time we book the flight plus the cost of the health certificate and the shipping crate. The air freight has been between $300 and $400 in the past and health certificates have been $25 and crates have run about $40.. If a buyer requests a pup be shipped on a day other than the day we are shipping other pups, we will need to charge for the additional trip to Great Falls.

We are not responsible for any vet bills incurred after transfer of ownership. We guarantee that pups will be wormed at least twice for the removal internal parasites and they will have received their first vaccination before we transfer ownership. Any follow-up treatment for internal parasites and the regularly scheduled series of vaccinations are the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer is aware that follow-up treatment for internal parasites is sometimes necessary and that vaccinations are not 100% effective in preventing the diseases they are designed to prevent. It is highly recommended that the buyer not take their puppy to dog parks, rest areas, and other places dogs frequent until the pup has completed their series of vaccinations over the next several weeks.

We guarantee the hips and eyes our our pups against genetic defects for 26 months from the pup’s date of birth. Upon receipt of a hip evaluation from OFA or Pennhip showing the pup’s hips are dysplastic and/or a CERF evaluation from an opthamolgist showing the pups eyes are not Certifiable, we will refund the purchase price of the pup only. No other guarantee is offered or implied. We will also provide pedigrees of the sire and dam on request (these can also be found on our website). We will register the litter with AKC and provide each new owner with an AKC registration application form.

I agree to this agreement (name of buyer):___________________________________Date___________
Signature ____________________________________________
Stonebroke Kennels: ___________________________________________Date____________________

Buckshot-Charlie-Ted-Echo  - July 24  2014 007


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