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Hall of Fame

The vast majority of our pups go to homes where they are hunting/family companions but over the years we’ve placed a few pups with folks who field trial, do the Hunt Tests, etc. Here are a few of our pups that have done well in competition….

Jon Beenink’s Dog, Heidi… Heidi is out of Dolly and Charlie.. Congrats Jon!
Jon Beerniks Springer - Heidi

Jon Beernik and Heidi with MH Ribbons and his grandsons JH

This is FC/CFC Stonebroke’s River Scout. “Scout” was owned by Keith McCrae of Seattle and trained by Rob Barlow of Whitewater Kennels in Oregon. He was out of FC/AFC Pondview’s Windy Acres Yankee and my old “Wings” (Stonebroke’s Wings).

Scout Gunners Award SITF 1994
Scout SITF 1994


This is CFC Stonebroke’s Tick Fever. “Tick” also placed 2nd in the 1996 Canadian Nationals. Tick was owned and trained by Ken Forney of Billings, Montana.

Tick SITF Award 1996

This is CFC Whitewater’s Windryden Sprite. Sprite was owned and trained by Rob Barlow of Whitewater Kennels in Oregon. She was out of FC/AFC Pondview’s Windy Acres Yankee and my Stonebroke’s Wings.

Sprite SITF ad 1996



3 Responses to “Hall of Fame”

  1. Love the website.
    In looking at your “Hall of Fame” page…I get kind of misty eyed.
    My wife, Laura and I have been lucky enough to have owned some awsome dogs that came via your springers and Rob and Shelly Barlow’s.
    A year ago, we lost our wonderful “Cricket” (Sire: Whitewater’s Jazztime; Dam: Whitewater’s Windryden Sprite) to a nerve disorder. Amazingly her mom “Sprite” was still alive at the time.
    We still have our “Beags” (Sire: Stonebroke’s River Scout; Dam: Whitewater’s Drumbeat) Beags is 10 and still hunts like a 2 year old. She’s still a chunk of energy!
    When “Cricket” was put down, we went and picked up “Willie” or Whitewater’s Shotgun Willie from Rob and Shelly (Sire: Whitewater’s Mountain Dew [Cricket’s brother], Dam: Whitewater’s Drumbeat) Thus…our “Beags” and “Willie” have the same mother and both are closely related to our departed “Cricket”.
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope to stop in some time as I drive by and show you how “Beags” looks now days. It is always late when I go by.
    Please keep on breeding these wonderful lines that you and the Barlows have developed.
    Not only are they great hunters…they have awesome peronalities and give a huge amount of love.
    We know Beags won’t last forever, she turned 10 on July 25

    Terry and Laura McArdle
    East Helena, MT

  2. Great to see you guys still breeding great dogs. I too owned a male pup from the breeding of Wings and Yankee. Although we never competed on a big scale we did win quit a few local “bird Trials”. Tracker was my dogs name and sad to say he passed in 2010 at the age 12.With a professional touch of training I know this dog could have been a great champion, but he was still the greatest hunter and friend i could of ever asked for. Thanks for a great run.

    L.J. O’Mara
    Cody, Wy.

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