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Zena’s Page

Zena - March  2015 014
February 19, 2015


Zena is a pup we kept from Echo and Charlie’s last litter. She’s trained up as easily as any dog I’ve ever trained… Very quick to learn and very intelligent. In the field she is very, very quick and agile. She’s a smaller dog. I’m guessing she weighs around 35 pounds or so. She eats up attention and is bird crazy. I think Zena has the potential to possibly be the best gundog I’ve ever owned. Her hips are perfect…90th percentile (Pennhip). As a matter of fact, the vet called me and said Pennhip had called him to tell him Zena’s hips were so perfect they suggested they be redone to confirm that they were that good.. She is CERF certified, of course. Her eyes are perfect as well…


Click on Pedigree to Enlarge…
Pedigree - Zena - Certified 001


Zena   - November 6   2014 009

Zena   - November 6   2014 011

Zena - November 6   2014 002

Zena  - July 10   2014 031

Zena - June 26  2014 P1000937

Zena - March 3   2014 063

Zena - May 16   2014 006

Zena - October 12   2014 011

Zena - October 12   2014 030


Zena’s Parents……Charlie and Echo.

Echo - - - 018

Charlie - February 3  2013 031


One Response to “Zena’s Page”

  1. Good morning. And Happy New Year!. I am interested in one of your puppies hopefully from this girl. My brother in law and I buried Willow his 12 year old springer a couple of weeks ago. She ultimately had a heart problem. Anyway I am curious as to if or when you may have a ltter of puppies. He has a birthday coming up soon. Thanks.
    Mary Wisman

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