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Sam is out of Gary Riddle’s Rocky’s Kennels in Utah. Sam’s bloodlines go back quite strongly to the Crosswind dogs out of New York State……the same lines our old Dolly is out of. Sam’s sire, “Duke”, and Dolly are half brother and sister.

Sam (Stonebroke’s Rocky Mountain Sam) is one of those dogs that if he didn’t hunt a lick, you couldn’t help but like him. He has an exceptionally nice temperament.. He has plenty of get up and go in the field, but he is an easy going dog when not working.. He is an easy handling dog. I rarely have to use my whistle to keep him in range. He’s a naturally close working dog. His retrieve is solid… nice mouth, marks well, loves the water, etc.

Physically, Sam is a good size dog… He weighs about 48 pounds. He moves well and is pleasing to the eye. He is not a super fast, big running dog. His hunting pace is more calculating and methodical. This isn’t to say that he’s a bootlicker by any means. His pace allows him to hunt long and hard… He is CERF certified and his hips are certified with Pennhip (90th percentile, which is as good as it gets).

In a nutshell, I think Sam is the kind of dog the majority of hunters would want to own as a hunting/family companion. He trained up easily, is very eager to please, and is very intelligent
October 1, 2016

Note: Sam’s sire, Duke, and his grandsire, Quake, recently earned their AFC and FC respectively. These titles do not show on this pedigree as I received it before they earned their titles…
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Pedigree - Sam - Certified 001


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Sam t - December 2015 025

Sam - December 22   2015 025

Sam - Hunting - Nov 2  2015 064

Sam and Ted - December 22   2015 033

Sam t - December 2015 016

Sam’s Parents (Duke and Tux). Duke is the Liver/White dog.

Sams Sire - Duke - 1

Sams Sire -Field Trial at Three Forks

Sams parents - Duke and Tux   2 2

Sams Parents - Duke and Tux

Duke and Quake with their blue ribbons giving them their Championships..


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