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Lizzie Belle’s Page

Stonebroke’s Lizzie Belle.. “Lizzie”

Lizzie Belle - December 13  2015 004


Ocotober 2015 – Pheasant Opener…. Lizzie is looking good!!!

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Lizzie - Pheasant Season - Opening Day 2015 023

Lizzie - Pheasant Season - Opening Day 2015 024


Lizzie Belle is out of Paul Hansen’s Goshen Kennels. Both of her parents are field champions. Lizzie is a very agile, athletic dog.. very quick and animated. She is absolutely bird crazy. All of our dogs over they years have been extremely birdy, but I don’t believe any have been as obsessed with birds as Lizzie is. She’s been that way since the day we got her. As bird crazy as she is, she’s proving to be rather easy to handle. She’s somewhat soft, but not overly so. Her retrieve is excellent…very quick pickup and nice delivery. She has a very nice temperament, and is extremely eager to please. She is about a 45 pound dog. We recently had her hips and eyes certified. Eyes are normal and her hips are perfect (90th percentile on her Pennhip evaluation).

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Pedigree - Lizzie - Certified 001

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Lizzie Belle - Feb  2015 006

Lizzie Belle - Feb  2015 010

Lizzie Belle - Feb  2015 036

Lizzie Belle - Marach 1  2015 050

Lizzie Belle - March 1  2015 045

Lizzie Bell and Sage - June 23   2014 023

Lizzie Belle - June 24  2014 P1000921
Lizzie’s Parents

Lizzie’s Dam – “Lucy”
Lizzie Belles Dam - - - Lucy

Lizzie’s Sire – “Zeus”
Lizzie Belles Sire --- Zeus -


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