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Echo’s Page

January 23, 2014

Echo is now retired from breeding and will be living the life of easy life hunting, swimming, and digging for mice… 🙂


Click Here To View Echo’s Pedigree 

We purchased Echo from Janet Christensen in October of 2005. Echo is the result of a frozen semen breeding Janet did with the late NFC/AFC Greenbriar Raider and Malverndale Lane. When Raider was alive I bred my old Rosie dog to him (Keluke’s Wild Rose). Out of that litter I kept a female pup, Stonebroke’s Wildrose Sadie. Out of Sadie I got my old “Beeter” dog (Stonebroke’s King Keluke). Confusing, right? : Anyway, having first hand experience with dogs from Raider’s lineage I was very excited to get Echo. Her dam, “Malverndale Lane , is a dog Janet imported from Great Britain. She has a win and points toward her AFC and may already have earned her Field Championship.

Echo is an extremely birdy dog. I would have been very surprised to see anything otherwise given her breeding. She is very bold to cover, loves the water, etc. She is one of the best marking dogs I’ve owned. She displayed this ability from a very early age. She is also very persistent when searching for a downed bird. She just never gives up. Retrieving is one of her strongpoints. She has retrieved to hand reliably since day one.

Physically Echo is a very well proportioned dog. She is white and liver (mostly white). She has nice legs, moves well, and is very quick. She weighs 40 pounds. Her eyes are CERF certified clear and her Pennhip evaluation showed that her hips are in the 90th percentile for the breed. That’s as good as it gets… In a nutshell, her hips are perfect.

Echo is pretty much a carbon copy of my other Springers as far as temperament and personality are concerned. She’s just a very gentle, affectionate type of dog that loves attention. Like my other Springers, she’s somewhat soft so a gentle touch is required during training sessions.

We feel very fortunate to have Echo as part of our family. She reflects the quality that would be expected from a Springer from her lineage.
Echo - - - 015

Echo - - - 018

Echo - - - 026




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