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Dolly’s Page

Dolly is out of Kevin Battistoni’s Crosswind Kennels in New York. She is a blend of American and British lines. Her sire, “Sam” has won the “Guns Award” at the Nationals two different times. He won the U.S. Open Guns Award in 2006 and the U.S. Amateur Guns Award in 2004. He has finished 3 Nationals and has also been issued a Certificate of Merit at the Nationals. Her dam, “Player”, is the daughter of NFC/FC/AFC/CFC Crosswind’s Warpath.

Dolly is a very easy handling dog.. She stays within shotgun range naturally. I rarely have to whistle her back in. She has a good mouth and marks very well. Dolly is a larger Springer.. She’s a taller dog and weighs about 48 pounds. She moves very well and is very agile for her size. Like all of our Springers, she loves the water. She is a very gentle, easy going type of dog when not in the field.. Dolly consistently produces exceptionally nice puppies.. Her litters have been very uniform. She’s a beautiful dog and a credit to the breed.


Dolly – Fall 2011

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Pedigree for Stonebrokes Crosswind Dolly 001


Dolly – December 2009

Dolly at about 3 months old.


Click Here To View Dolly’s Pedigree 


Dolly – December 2009




Dolly – September 2010


2 Responses to “Dolly’s Page”

  1. Tim, I had talked to you yesterday and couldn’t remember which female it is.We are in Medicine Hat. Are they out of Echo or Dolly. The pictures of the puppies from Charlie and Lil are so special.Love those springers. I will be away for a week, so if you get more than 7 puppies please call we are looking at a male liver and white but, would see what you have thanks again. My husbands cell # is (403) 878-6415. You can call him anytime. Thanks again ,Elaine and Randy

  2. dolly’s puppies r so adorable!!!!!!

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