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“Charlie” is typical of a quality field-bred Springer. He’s obsessed with birds and hunting. He spends most of his days looking up watching anything that flies. He is extremely bold to cover……the thicker the better as far as he is concerned! His retrieve is solid as a rock. He has a very fast pickup and a quick return.

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Pedigree for Stonebrokes Sir Charles - Charlie 001
Charlie and Tim - August 2013



He’s an extremely intelligent dog. He picks up on things very quickly. I’d have to say that he’s probably the most intelligent Springer I’ve owned. Extremely intelligent dogs are not always the easiest dogs to train. Charlie can be a challenge at times as he sometimes thinks he knows more than the person training him, but his eagerness to please more than makes up for this.

Physically, he is one of the best looking Springers I’ve owned…..just an incredibly handsome dog. He’s very stylish and fun to watch work. Charlie is a good-sized Black/White dog weighing in at approximately 48 pounds. His eyes are CERF certified and he placed in the 90th percentile when his Pennhip evaluation was done. The 90th percentile is the best a dog’s hips can be. In other words, his hips are perfect.

As far as his temperament goes, he’s a gentle but active dog. He loves attention and loves sitting on my lap! Like many Springers, he’s somewhat sensitive. I’ve never had to use more than a rough tone of voice with him when correcting him.




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