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Charlie and I Sept 06 #2

Our Springers are from 100% Field Lines. They make exceptionally nice hunting/family companions. They are extremely well bred and it shows…..they would rather hunt and retrieve than eat!! Our Springers are working dogs.. No cover is too thick or too nasty for them. They’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.. They’re not afraid to get dirty…..

Field-Bred Springers are very different from Springers from Show lines. Springers from field lines have been bred for their hunting and retrieving instincts, their trainability, intelligence, etc. Springers from show lines have been bred for their looks. Springers from show lines are considerably larger than Springers from field lines……they are slower, heavy set dogs with a long profuse coat. Springers from Field Lines are built to hunt. They have a shorter, flat type of coat that picks up fewer burrs. They are also more agile and athletic. Both Show and Field-Bred Springers are registered with AKC. AKC does not differentiate between the two strains, but they have become so different from each other in both appearance and field ability that they really should be registered as separate breeds.

This is not to suggest that Springers from Field Lines are superior to Springers from Show Lines, or vice versa. The two strains within the breed have been developed for two very different purposes and people looking at making a Springer part of their family need to understand that there is a vast difference between the two.

Our Springers train very easily. It takes a gentle approach……a firm voice is usually all it takes for a pup that needs correction. They mature early and make wonderful dogs for the first time gundog owner. Once most people have the opportunity to train and hunt over a good Springer they are sold on the breed. They are considered by most experts to be the ultimate pheasant dog, but are multi-purpose dogs and will hunt anything from rabbits to ducks in addition to upland birds. They also make wonderful family dogs. They are great with kids and are gentle with strangers. Generally speaking, they do not make good watchdogs. They tend to be a very healthy dog and when given proper care will live to a ripe old age.

Dolly  - June - 2008 004



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